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Don't Miss This Labour Day Package!

We wanted to offer you a special for the Labour Day Long weekend, and it includes all of our favourite things! You will get a 1oz oil, a toner and our new rose gold bar all for $120! Shop this promotion here!

Labour Day Weekend Special- 1oz oil, toner and rose gold bar $120

Labour Day Weekend Special- 1oz oil, toner and rose gold bar $120

If you're reading the blog, you are probably familiar with our oil and all of it's magical uses; the oil is made up primarily of prickly pear which is used to help dry skin, aging, and skin texture. Our Wake Up & Glow oil will not leave your skin feeling greasy but it will leave your skin looking absolutely glowing! The oil isn't just for your skin, it can also be used on your hair and nails- check our our uses page to see all of the ways you can incorporate Wake Up & Glow into your beauty routine!

The Wake Up & Tone was the second product we added and it is used perfectly in conjunction with our oil. A few spritzes of the toner on your face before using the oil will make you feel refreshed and squeaky clean! Made with limited ingredients (Lavender water, witch hazel, lavender, rosemary and tea tree oil), and no chemicals or other nasty stuff you can feel good about using this on your skin every other day!

The Rose Gold Bar is the latest product we have added to our inventory, and it has been flying off the shelves! Not only is it a beautiful addition to your countertop, it also stimulates the facial muscles using micro vibrations to tighten, lift and firm your skin as well as increase collagen production. You will instantly reveal a more youthful glow! For an added bonus, keep this in the fridge overnight to use in the morning- this will instantly make you look more awake!

This package is available in limited quantities, and is a great way to get your hands on all of our offerings at a discounted price!

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