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Teaching Our Daughters About Skincare

Being a mom is THE hardest job. Period. Moms are obligated to teach their kids about the routines of life: brushing teeth, combing hair, taking baths, eating fruits and veggies and a million other things.

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Amazing tops from indybrandclothing.com

We get so busy just trying to make it through the day, while cooking, cleaning, working and making sure our littles are happy and healthy!

One thing we can easily forget about is teaching our girls healthy skin care habits.

I feel it is so  important to teach our daughters that beauty comes from within and that part of having fresh and clear skin is eating healthy and exercising and incorporating an easy to follow skin care routine.

I feel it is important to stay as natural as possible. Try to stay away from many of the products you see out there that you don't know what the ingredients are.

Here are my words of wisdom to make it easier to talk skin care with your daughter:

Hydra Boost is an every day beauty oil, meant for use by everyone. This oil will benefit people of all skin types and all ages! Purchase it  here

Hydra Boost is an every day beauty oil, meant for use by everyone. This oil will benefit people of all skin types and all ages! Purchase it here

1-A skincare regimen doesn’t require a ton of products. Teens & tweens definitely care about putting their best face forward, and a good routine helps them know and love the skin they’re in.

2- Washing your face before going to bed each night is a critical step to keeping your skin at its healthiest. Regardless of your age!

 3-Adding a facial oil is so important! Adding moisture to your skin helps facial skin maintain its balance. When your skin is too oily, or too dry, that’s when many problems appear ( like the dreaded teenage pimple) We love our Hydra Boost Oil for teenage skin! It is perfect to add moisture and give them the beautiful glow without any added makeup!

4-You can also promote your daughter’s overall health awareness by teaching her the importance of choosing natural, healthy ingredients in skin care products. Just as you might teach your child to choose healthy snacks over junk foods, you’ll also want to teach her to choose natural, healthy skin care products over their junky counterpart. All of our products are all natural and you can easily recognize every ingredient! As an added bonus all of our products smell amazing!

5 - Be a role model! Our girls model what they see us do! Dove released a study suggesting mothers are more likely to influence their daughters’ beauty habits than celebrities. Over 50% of people in the study said their mom taught them their first beauty routine, and they still use parts of this routine today.


Teaching our daughters the importance of Healthy Skin Today = Healthy Skin Tomorrow!

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