Wake Up & Glow’s Top 4 Summer Must-Haves

Wake Up & Glow’s Top 4 Summer Must-Haves

Wake Up & Glow’s Top 4 Summer Must-Haves

Wake Up & Glow’s Top 4 Summer Must-Haves


By now, you probably know that Wake Up & Glow is all about achieving healthy, ageless skin without the nasty ingredients all the time. Summer is here and natural beauty along with make-up free glowing skin are an absolute must!


We are here to deliver the oh-so-coveted, island life, summer vibes by listing out our Top 4 Summer Must-Have products that you’ll definitely want to have on hand before heading down to the beach house!


Wake Up & Glow’s Summer Faves:


1. Prickly Pear Oil


Our Prickly Pear Oil is our #1 seller for a reason. Customers come back again and again for this anti-aging, anti-redness, powerhouse product!


In summer time, you need a grab-and-go product that can handle whatever your holidays throw at it. Our Prickly Pear Oil formula can take care of your skin, hair and nails all summer long with its UV protecting properties.


Natural antioxidants found in the oil can help block out potential sun damage while its linoleic acid can help lighten sunspots, or hyperpigmentation, to help you achieve that perfectly natural look!


[See more benefits of our Prickly Pear Oil here!]



2. Sunless Glow Drops


Hello bronzed beauties! Our Sunless Glow Drops are perfectly pigmented with natural ingredients to help you achieve an enviable and damage-free tan.


Made with Marula, Eucalyptus, and Lavender oils, these pigmented drops help your skin in more ways than one. Our drops not only protect your skin form the damaging sun, they also moisturize and heal your skin, all while giving you a little bit of healthy color!


Simply add a couple drops to your face and neck and you’ll have an effortless all day bronze! (can also be added to a moisturizer)


[See more benefits of our Sunless Glow Drops here!]



3. Hydra-Boost Oil


While there’s not much bad to be said about summer, its drying summer sun sure can wreak havoc on your skin.


Luckily, this Hydra-Boost Oil brings us back to being naturally hydrated hotties with its moisture locking Jojoba oil. One application seals in hydration for the day and leaves you with glowing and moisture-packed skin all day long.


And, as if this oil wasn’t doing enough, its added vitamins are continually working behind the scenes to help repair your skin’s texture and appearance!


[See more benefits of our Hydra-Boost Oil here!]




4. Hydra-Dew Spray


And we couldn’t leave out our other favorite product to fulfill all of our dewy desires! 


Our Hydra-Dew Spray absolutely does it all! Also made with hydrating Jojoba oil, this spray adds in the complexion-evening effects of magnesium to create the ultimate, all-in-one dewy pick-me-up spray.


Use the Hydra-Dew Spray on your face, body, or hair for the perfect quick fix! Completely versatile, you can use the spray before or after makeup, in conjunction with our Hydra-Boost Oil, or even just as a dewy, cooling mist throughout the day!

And, if you have had a tad too much sun do not forget to apply all 3 - Prickly Pear, Hydra-Boost and top it off with Hydra-Dew. You and your skin will be thanking us!


[See more benefits of our Hydra-Dew Spray here!]


Summer is full of activities that are unforgiving to our skin; we get sunburned, we are dehydrated, and we swim in harsh waters. When you put it all together, our skin comes out of summer looking less like a mermaid’s and more like a manatee’s!

But don’t go hanging up your swimsuits! Just implement any of the powerful products in this must-have list, or use a combination, and we’re sure you’ll be glowing in no time!

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