Wake Up & Glow Oil; All You Need for a Beautiful Self

Not all cosmetic lotions, potions, oils, and notions are equal.

Are you tired of spending tons of money on the skin, hair, nails, and other products that promise results but never live up to expectations?

Are your drawers brimming with containers, vials, bottles, and jars that are nothing more than advertisements for the latest and greatest?

Toss them out.

Enter the superhero oil – Wake Up & Glow – for all your beauty needs.

With its heavenly scent and miraculous abilities to transform skin thanks to prickly pear and 13 other amazing ingredients, you will never need anything else.

Here are 50 reasons why you need Wake Up & Glow oil:

1. Use alone or under moisturizer and/or sunscreen.

2. Massage into face, neck, and decollete for youthful skin.

3. Great for hands and nails.

4. Try on dry patches, pimples, and sunburns.

5. When added to makeup foundation it glides on smoothly.

6. Protects from sunburns.

7. Got thinning hair or hair loss? Try a few drops.

8. Use on dry hair and/or scalp.

9. Keep static away on humid days.

10. Maintain ugly hair fly-aways.

11. Get rid of unsightly split ends.

12 Use a few drops in conditioner for extra smooth hair.

13. Add a drop to hair styling products, protect hair from sun damage.

14. Massage into cuticles and nail beds; watch nails grow stronger.

15. Add to bathwater for supple skin.

16. Rub onto hands, reduce the signs of aging.

17. Helps fight dry itchy skin and eczema.

18. Helps eyebrows grow.

19. Aids in keeping eyebrow powder intact.

20. Put on lips before bedtime, wake up with supple lips.

21. Add to bath salts and smell the delicious aroma while soaking.

22. Tired of gray strands? Use to slow down premature grey hair.

23. Tame frizzy tresses.

24. 14 active oils do wonders for the face, hands, hair, and nails.

25. Brightens skin for a dewy look.

26. Hydrates skin.

27. Sagging skin? See it tighten with a few drops daily.

28. Prickly pear, the main ingredient helps brighten under-eye circles.

29. Prickly pear also calms Rosacea.

30. Prickly pear has Vitamin K to help balance skin tone.

31. Vitamin K reduces signs of broken capillaries.

32. Prickly pear has Zinc, known to reduce inflammation and acne.

33. Zinc may also reduce oiliness.

34. Zinc contains phytosterols which act as an antioxidant.

35. Zinc serves as an antibacterial and inflammatory agent.

36. Prickly pear contains 150 % more Vitamin E than Argan oil.

37. Vitamin E serves as a free radical, may stop skin damage.

38. Vitamin E is a superb moisturizer.

39. Vitamin E halts water loss, keeps skin moist.

40. Prickly pear reduces the appearance of large pores.

41. Wake & Glow makes dull skin radiant.

42. Skip makeup foundation by using oil regularly.

43. Good for all skin types.

44. Helps exfoliate cracked lips.

45. Natural Hyaluronic Acid.

46. Its pleasant aroma can keep you calm.

47. Use a few drops as a pick-me-up to relieve stress.

48. Fade sun-kissed spots on hands and face.

49. May help soothe cuts and bites.

50. Will quickly become your favorite all-in-one go-to oil for hair, face, skin, hands, and nails.

Wake Up & Glow oil is your one-stop beauty product 365 days a year. Skip your failing beauty routine and begin anew with this heavenly scented, wonder oil.

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