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All The Rage- Quartz Rolling

Quartz rollers may be new to the scene here, however, they have been around since the 7th Century in Chinese skincare. Our rollers are made beautifully out of Pink Quartz and you can think of it as a handheld face massager! You can keep your roller in the fridge to keep it nice and cold, and take it out at night to roll on your Wake Up & Glow Oil - Prickly Pear this roller will not only help with circulation, but also help get the product deeper into the layers of your skin! 

If you're interested in using your roller to help with lymph drainage, you can begin rolling on your nose, then roll outward to the sides of your face; start in the middle of your chin and roll towards your ears; start at the top of your neck and roll down towards your chest. This rolling path is said to help your skin detoxify.

Not only can your roller reduce puffiness (best if used cold), brighten your complexion, drain your lymphatic system, and can also help reduce fine lines by helping the product penetrate deeper into your skin. The roller is also a great way to relax before bedtime to help you feel fresh and relaxed!

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