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Benefits of Prickly Pear Oil

Benefits of Prickly Pear Oil

Our #1 product - Prickly Pear oil (formally known as Wake Up & Glow oil) is a beautiful, multitasking oil that’s great for skin, hair, and nails.

Did you know that prickly pear seed oil has an incredibly aromatic scent that helps promote balance, calmness, and can be used in meditation to encourage mindfulness? It’s truly an incredible all-in-one super ingredient, and there’s not a woman in existence who wouldn’t benefit from using it!


Other reasons to use our Prickly Pear oil...

Makeup Free Skin


Since we’ve all mostly been social distancing for over a year now, it’s quite likely you’ve been limiting the makeup on your skin for the most part. Giving skin a little break from foundations, blushes, bronzers, and creams is definitely a great idea, with or without having no real reason to put it on.

It’s no surprise that a layer of makeup on your face increases oil production, which clogs pores and can lead to even adult acne. Going makeup-free can decrease all of those things, but in the beginning, may not appear to be as clear as you may think.

While going makeup-free, it’s important to continue to cleanse and moisturize the skin, and know that while your skin is adjusting to this new makeup-less routine, it may cause your skin to “purge” a bit, which is completely normal. The best way to balance this out is to maintain a cleansing and moisturizing routine, and using our prickly pear oil is one of the best ways to continue to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, but also to get that glow. It just may take a couple of weeks for your skin to balance itself out first.



Prickly Pear oil - All-In-One Anti-Aging Oil

Our Prickly Pear oil is a natural hyaluronic acid. Not only does it brighten, tighten, and hydrate the skin on your face, but also works as an incredible treatment for hands and nails, as a post-sun treatment, as a spot treatment for dry patches, pimples, and sunburns! The best part? That’s far from all it can do!

When you massage a few drops (up to a full dropper full) into your scalp, something almost magical happens. Hair issues like thinning hair or hair loss, brittle hair, and dry hair/scalp issues seem to disappear! Pulling it through to the ends and leaving it on like a masque can also work to fight static, flyaways, split ends, and even make hair smoother and more manageable.

Two or three times a week, add a few drops to your conditioner before applying it for extra smoothness. After hair is dry, take a drop and rub between hands before rubbing on the ends of your hair to seal split ends.


For nails, our Prickly Pear oil is an incredible nail growth and strengthener serum that will also help whiten your nails. Use it on your cuticles and massage in and around the nail bed.

Add a few drops to your favorite hand cream or moisturizer, or even to your bath water for softer skin that gets hit with 14 hand-picked, cold-pressed botanical oils, mainly the super hydrating prickly pear oil. Eczema is no match for this kind of natural magic!


Prickly Pear oil is Our Best Seller!

You don’t have to take it from us, but please take it from us: our Prickly Pear oil is truly a one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive, anti-aging miracle oil. It’s truly our #1 because of how light it feels, how quickly it absorbs into the skin, and how soft and glowing it makes your skin!


When we ask what they love most, our customers say that the main reason they keep it on hand is that it’s the absolute most perfect facial oil they’ve ever used because it leaves their skin looking and feeling younger, smoother, and softer!

Get your Prickly Pear oil HERE ( formally know as Wake Up & Glow oil )


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