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Fall Into Yoga: How to reverse aging with your mind, body and spirit 🧘‍♀️

Fall Into Yoga: How to reverse aging with your mind, body and spirit 🧘‍♀️

If your goal is to age backwards by staying active and looking great for longer, then a new yoga practice may just be the answer you’ve been searching for! Yoga is the kind of mental, physical, and spiritual journey that can bring clarity, energy, and youth into all of those areas of your life simultaneously. Combine a simple yoga practice with your current beauty routine and you’ll be turning back the clock in no time!


Mind: Mental benefits of yoga

Stress weighs down the whole body; thus, speeding up the aging process, but yoga has been shown to reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in our bodies and keep the signs of stress off of our faces.

Being an effective exercise, yoga also gets our heart rates up and gets us moving; this, like other exercise, triggers the release of “happiness chemicals”, serotonin and dopamine, to improve our moods.

The controlled breathing required in yoga also works as a breathwork practice, which helps to alleviate feelings and symptoms of anxiety.

The meditation aspect of yoga also helps our brains produce more melatonin, which leads to better quality sleep and more productive days.

Body: Physical benefits of yoga

Something we can all get on board with, practicing yoga can also reduce wrinkles! The stress reduction of yoga leads to more relaxed facial muscles and less oxidative stress (which can impair skin elasticity), leaving you with a sustainable, healthy glow!

A regular yoga practice can also keep the skin on your body tight by keeping your deeper dermal layers flexible and holding your skin tightly to your body.

Our bones and muscles also thank us for regular yoga sessions because problems in those areas usually arise due to inaction.


Spirit: Spiritual benefits of yoga

A regular yoga practice is known to create a sense of inner peace. This go-with-the-flow attitude is arguably the best way to stay young forever!

The meditative sequences of yoga also help to remove mental and physical blockages from the body. Releasing these leaves you feeling lighter and less burdened, which leads to more mental and physical anti-aging benefits.

Yoga also prioritizes a deep connection with the self. When done often, yoga makes it easy to spot changes or issues in the body right away; this typically means maintaining your optimal health for longer.


So, if you truly want to maintain your youthful glow, regardless of your age, test out the anti-aging benefits of a new yoga routine! Whether it’s your mind, body, and spirit you want to keep young or you’re trying to bring your inner youth to the outside, a simple yoga practice can surely get you there. It’s the perfect time to leave all of your burdens (and fine lines) on the mat!


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