Pearl Powder: The Antiaging Benefits for Body & Beauty – Wake Up & Glow

Pearl Powder: The Antiaging Benefits for Body & Beauty

Pearl Powder: The Antiaging Benefits for Body & Beauty

Once used only by those of high status as the ultimate beauty secret, Pearl Powder is now readily available to us normal folk, not only as an antiaging secret weapon, but also as a superfood!

Pearl powder is made by grinding down whole fresh or saltwater pearls until they become a fine powder. This powder has been used for thousands of years by those with enough power and status to get their hands on it. Ancient Egyptians and European nobles used pearl powder to keep their skin looking youthful, glowing, and firm, while traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine practitioners would prescribe it to patients for a host of internal benefits.

Pearl powder can be taken both internally and externally by adding it to a glass of water or breakfast smoothie for its nutritional benefits, or incorporating it into your skincare regimen for its powerful antiaging properties.


Benefits for the Body

Pearl powder is an extremely nutrient dense superfood that has been used by natural medical professionals for centuries to boost the body’s health and appearance. Here are just some of the benefits for the body:


Provides important nutrients:

-Nutrient rich pearl, with an abundance of trace minerals including calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, plus all eight essential amino acids and then some!


Supports teeth and bone health:

-Packed with bioavailable calcium, pearl powder is easily absorbed by the body.


Increases antioxidants:

-Pearl increases the production of antioxidant SOD, which fights free radicals and promotes a longer life.


Promotes youthful hair, skin, and nails:

-By aiding in cell regeneration and skin detoxification, pearl keeps hair, skin, and nails healthy, growing, and glowing.


Supports the heart and liver:

-Pearl can increase the efficiency of the heart and remove toxins from the liver.


Improves Shen:

-Shen is a TCM energy representing a connection to our highest selves and pearl is often used to stabilize this energy and promote enlightenment.



Benefits for Beauty

Pearl powder has been used as natural skincare for so long without most people ever realizing. Used often for its unique luminescence but even better for its antiaging properties; here are a few amazing ways pearl powder keeps mature skin looking young:


Maintains an even skin tone:

-Hindering melanin production, pearl minimizes damage-induced dark spots and discoloration to keep an even and youthful skin tone.


Improves hydration and regeneration:

-Thanks to pearl’s protein Conchiolin, which promotes collagen production, your skin is able to hold onto moisture and easily turnover cells for the perfect plump and glowing skin.


Keeps skin looking clear:

-Pearl is used by naturopaths to cool the liver, which directly impacts the look of your skin. Pearl’s cooling and anti-inflammatory effects on the liver keep your skin from looking blotchy.


Works as a natural exfoliant:

-Pearl powder’s rough granules make the perfect natural exfoliant with the added beauty benefits of using pearl topically.


No longer hoarded by empresses and princesses, pearl powder has found its way to the people and is healing our bodies, both inside and out. Whether you’re looking for ageless skincare or the next super ingredient for your breakfast smoothie, pearl powder is the ancient beauty secret you’ve been waiting for!

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