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Wake Up & Hydra-Boost

With the use of our Wake Up & Glow oils, you can expect an off the chart levels of glow.


Our newest addition Hydra - Boost Oil is a game-changer for skin of ANY age. From your first application of this everyday beauty oil you’ll see serious benefits right away. 

Even If you are already using our anti-aging cult favorite Wake Up & Glow-Prickly Pear Oil  you will love adding Hydra Boost Oil to your morning skin care routine for that extra push of vitamin C. Whether it is every am or just a little dewy pick me up here and there!

Hydra Boost Oil contains a supercharged blend of oils (rose hip, jojoba and geranium) that delivers just the right dose of hydration. 

While the addition of oils from pomegranate, lemongrass, grapeseed and carrot seed sound like the beginning of an exotic recipe, when applied topically, these antioxidants leave skin feeling soft, radiant, with smoothness and a powerful dewy glow.

Our proprietary blend of oils in Hydra Boost Oil helps stimulate cellular turnover, enhances skin elasticity, inhibits melanin production, prevents wrinkles, and protects against free radicals.

Adding our facial oils to your skin care regimen will absolutely change your skin. All of our oils have a naturally gorgeous, instantly skin-comforting texture—they sink into your skin like a dream.

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Expert tip : did you know Hydra Boost Oil can even be patted on over makeup ? Followed by Hydra- Dew Spray for that extra dewy morning or mid-day pick me up glow!



Testimonial : “ Your new boost and dew products were a hit with my daughter and all her friends for graduation. They put the oil on, then makeup and then set it all in with the dew and they just looked stunning. Not to mention absolutely glowing in all the pictures! WOW!”

- Jasmine

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