Why and How to Start Dry Brushing for Natural Beauty – Wake Up & Glow

Why and How to Start Dry Brushing for Natural Beauty

Why and How to Start Dry Brushing for Natural Beauty

Though dry brushing is an old ayurvedic practice, it has recently (and literally) swept the nations as an enjoyable and beneficial morning ritual.

Dry brushing involves the use of an exfoliating tool, typically a bristle brush, to sweep over the skin, along the body’s natural lymphatic passageways. By creating friction in this motion, these lymphatic systems are being encouraged to move more efficiently in their efforts to carry toxins to our detoxifying lymph nodes. Reactivating this movement of lymph through the proper systems helps to clear out any built-up blockages and keeps our bodies looking naturally beautiful and feeling clean from the inside out.

With many of us looking for better ways to detoxify our bodies and rejuvenate our skin, this ancient and natural routine is the perfect solution.


Benefits of dry brushing

For those of us suffering with sluggishness or dullness of the skin or body, adding a daily dry brushing session to your morning routine may be just what you need.

- Dry brushing:

- Stimulates lymph and blood flow

- Removes toxins and blockages from the body

- Detoxifies the liver

- Can reduce cellulite

- Promotes cellular turnover

- Exfoliates the skin

- Brightens and plumps the skin

- Improves skin tone & texture

Not only does dry brushing get your lymphatic system draining and detoxifying properly, it also does great things for the overall appearance of your skin by working from the inside. This practice helps improve circulation and cellular turnover, which is needed if you want youthful and glowing skin. It also helps to keep your organs functioning properly to ensure that you feel just as good on the inside as you look on the outside!


How to dry brush

According to traditional ayurvedic dry brushing, it is best to keep your brush strokes moving toward the heart. This will ensure that you are guiding the drainage to meet some of your major lymph node locations at the groin and in the armpits.

You can brush vigorously or gently, depending on your skin type. Just be sure to avoid irritated areas. As you brush each location, you should repeat the brush stroke several times, in overlapping paths, before moving on to the next section.

Dry brush in the morning, before your shower, to get the most benefits!

Begin dry brushing with your extremities (legs or arms), brushing your skin upward toward your heart in long strokes on your bones and circular motions on your joints.

You may also use circular brush strokes in each armpit to help stimulate those large lymph node clusters.

Once completed with all extremities, move to the head. Gently brush your face, in delicate movements, from the center outward toward the hairline.

Brush down the neck and to the shoulders in long strokes.

Once you reach your abdomen, back, or chest, brush in large, overlapping circles in a clockwise direction.



How to add essential oils

Adding essential oils to your dry brushing routine can give you even more benefits by tacking on the perks of your chosen essential oil. Be sure to dilute the essential oil before applying to the skin; you may also choose to add in a carrier oil to improve absorption.

Simply add a few drops of your diluted oil mixture to your dry brush and you are ready to enjoy the many body and skin improving benefits that come with dry brushing!



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