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4 Ageless Skincare Products To Correct Sun Damaged Skin

4 Ageless Skincare Products To Correct Sun Damaged Skin

As much as it pains us to say, summertime is coming to a close and soon the sun’s rays will give way to falling leaves and a chilling breeze. So, for those of us that haven’t yet convinced our families to pack up and move to a warmer climate, we’ve got to prepare! With the power of sunny days, relaxation, and some amazing Wake Up & Glow skincare, we’ve been able to achieve a natural beauty and a dewy glow that we’re definitely not ready to give up yet… what about you?
We didn’t think so! So, let’s dive into four of Wake Up & Glow’s end-of-summer favorites.


1. Prickly Pear Oil

You know we had to start this list off with our #1 best seller – our Prickly Pear Oil! As a natural hyaluronic acid and retinol, this fan favorite helps improve your skin’s texture and appearance by smoothing your complexion, fading sunspots, and maintaining your rosy glow. These natural wrinkle reducers also produce tissue growth and increase the skin’s elasticity to keep you bouncing back year after year!


2. Active Anti-Aging Serum

It’s all in the name – our Active Anti-Aging Serum is a pro aging powerhouse and absolutely perfect for post-summer repair. Created with alpha lipoic acid, this serum can help correct damaged skin caused by the powerful summer sun and even protect against any future harm. Couple that with the skin tightening and facial firming abilities of vegan DMAE and your sun-soaked skin will be back to baby status in no time!


3. Clarifying Glycolic Scrub

Exfoliation shouldn’t just happen before a spray tan! The drying effects of the summer sun leave our faces full of dead skin and in desperate need of this Clarifying Glycolic Scrub! Packed with AHAs, this scrub will promote cellular turnover to help break away old skins cells to make way for the new. And the most ageless AHA, glycolic acid, even increases hydration, reduces fine-lines, and cleans acne-prone pores.


4. Vitamin C

If your summer months were full of sea salt, seashells, and sea spray, why not keep the party going with our pure Vitamin C? This powdered form of vitamin C has a longer shelf life and mixes together so easily with hot water, going to work as soon as it hits your skin. Perfect for aging gracefully, vitamin C brightens the skin and repairs sun damage by speeding up collagen production to keep your sun-kissed glow around all winter!


While some of us may still be successfully sitting in denial about the departure of summertime, it’s still never too early to lock in that dewy glow! These four anti-aging icons are exactly what you need to maintain that summer state of mind!
Easily paired with our beloved Prickly Pear Oil, Wake Up & Glow’s Active Anti-Aging Serum, Clarifying Glycolic Scrub, and Vitamin C fit so perfectly into your current skin care routine. As long as you keep the Vitamin C in your morning routine and the Glycolic Scrub in the evening, mixing and matching these products is a whole lot easier than saying hello to winter!

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