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A Pumpkin Facial All Holiday Season Long!

Wake Up & Glow is offering a Pumpkin Facial for a limited time! We love Halloween, and we love pumpkin oil- it is an oil that offers so many benefits, if you haven’t had the chance, read our blog on pumpkin oil here!


What’s included in this ultimate three layered pumpkin peel?

Cleansing mask, Tone, Pumpkin enzyme peel, Pumpkin peel mask, Pumpkin honey glycolic mask, Hot towels throughout, and finish with Wake Up & Tone/Glow.

45 min $70

Plus a free sample of Wake Up & Glow! ( Retail value $18 - 3 ml )

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Here are 5 reasons you should come in and get a Pumpkin Facial, if you aren’t already convinced!

1. It can treat multiple skincare concerns.

A pumpkin facial benefits multiple skin types, from dull skin to aging skin to acne-prone skin.

Fights dullness: "When pumpkin is in an enzyme form, it can be stimulated with heat and moisture to create a deep exfoliation," Ali explains. "This exfoliation process dissolves the dead skin cells, sloughing off unwanted keratin buildup on the skin's surface," she adds. That buildup on the skin is responsible for a dull complexion, so getting rid of it helps brighten everything up.

Fights fine lines: "The turnover of these skin cells stimulates collagen production," Ali says. The infusion of vitamins A and C—which pumpkins have in spades—also helps stimulate collagen production, and more collagen means softer fine lines and plumped-up skin.

Fights acne: By exfoliating the skin, pumpkin unclogs pores. Plus, vitamins A and C are proven acne-fighters.

2. It's the perfect follow-up to summer sun.

Even if you spent the summer religiously applying sunscreen and wearing hats, you probably still have some sun damage because of how hard it is to fully protect your skin from the sun. That's when pumpkin comes in handy.

3. It smells good, which is good for you.

Though pumpkin alone can work wonders, the spicy scent of a pumpkin spa facial has benefits, too. "In my opinion, aromatherapy … [can] help elevate a client's mood, relieve stress, energize, and encourage better health," Ali says. "I believe aromatherapy can also boost the immune, respiratory, and circulatory systems when used in the treatment room."

4. It can be more potent than other seasonal facials.

According to Ali, it's hard to beat the potency of the pumpkin. It's "a powerful fruit that is very effective, having over 100 known benefits when used topically. ... [It's] very results-driven in the treatment room, as well as for home care," she explains, adding, "when compared to other seasonal ingredients, I would say it would be the leader with its effectiveness and ability to transform skin."

5. It can result in "real change for skin."

Unlike actual pumpkins, you should be able to get a pumpkin treatment year-round, which is a great idea according to Ali. "Getting regular pumpkin peels results in real change for skin.”

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