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The Founder

Tamara is the founder of Wake Up & Glow. She is a devoted mother of four and wife. She believes in focusing on keeping a healthy and balanced life by taking care of your body, inside and out.

This is Tamara, the creator and founder of Wake Up & Glow. Mother of four in her 40’s!

She started with just one product, Wake Up & Glow, (now known as Prickly Pear oil) which was years in the making to achieve one high quality all in one product providing multi-correctional results. Tamara is an esthetician, aromatherapist and a holistic beauty coach. She would not put anything on her skin that she was not in love with or that did not WORK!

Our Skin Care Journey

Skin Care and Anti-Aging have always been a passion of mine, Tamara wanted to slow down the aging process naturally, even from a young age. In my early 20’s she began using eye creams, by the time she was 33, and a mother of three, she started formulating her own oils. At this point, she decided to purchase a domain name called radiantoil.com, unfortunately, she didn’t feel like the oils she was creating were life changing yet, and she knew she didn’t want to sell something to people if it wasn’t the best thing on the market for your skin.

Tamara loved using Jojoba, Pomegranate, Rose, and carrot (and still do!), but there were already other oils like this on the market, and they were no exactly what she was looking for. Tamara knew she needed a miracle carrier oil that promoted anti-aging, something that would be a life changing, all in one skincare oil.

While formulating and testing her own products, Coconut oil burst onto the scene like wildfire, and people were using for everything from skincare, hair care, and healthcare! Of course she decided to see what all the rage was about, and see if Coconut oil could be my miracle oil; unfortunately, she had to keep looking. Although Coconut oil certainly has benefits, it is a comedogenic oil, and can easily clog facial pores. Back to the drawing board.

Along came baby number four, a busy retail store, hockey, school, and life! But in the midst of all of this, Tamara stumbled upon Prickly Pear oil, and it became immediately clear, this is what she had been waiting for! Tamara found the miracle Anti-Aging Oil at 38 years old, after over five years of all that trial and error, she had finally found the base of Wake Up & Glow! (now know as Prickly Pear Oil)

"I know Prickly Pear Oilas a consumer, that there are many beautiful facial oils on the market today, and they do have their place in Skin Care, and could be compared to our Hydra -Boost. With the main carrier oil being Almond, Jojoba, or Grapeseed, I could have brought one of these oils to market day one of the journey, but that wasn't the goal, and that wasn’t the passion. The goal was to bring people the number one anti-aging skincare oil, and Wake Up & Glow oil (now Prickly Pear oil) did that when Prickly Pear Seed Oil came into my life."


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