I have been using Wake Up & Glow for three years at least!! It's part of my routine everyday and I can't imagine using anything else. My rosacea is better, but the WRINKLES, do you see them?? I wake up, cleanse my face, use Wake Up & Glow Toner, then Boost oil, and a little make up. At night I cleanse, use toner and then prickly pear oil. I am almost 49 years old, but do you see any wrinkles, I don't.

Wake Up & Glow Fan Says:


 Sandra Says:

 "Let me tell ya, I’ve tried everything out there. I’m two weeks into using the wake up and glow oil and the wake up and hydra-dew and I am SO happy with these products. 💛 my skin has never felt so healthy!"


Melody Says:

Kristin Says:

“I LOVE the balm. Like LOVE LOVE. I am using it every night on clean skin and it’s soothing my red cheeks and making my face and neck feel so nice...plus I have always assumed I have a natural tendency toward oily skin and this is proving to me that all I had was malnourished skin! I didn’t know I could love a product as much as I already love the oil. And this is an absolute tie!

Thank you for all you create. I love your products so much.”

Jennifer Says:

“Wake Up & Hydra-Dew is amazing in hot weather, I will only use your products”

Katie Says:

“Wake Up & Glow saves my skin this time of year. I’m prone to dry patches on my face and body when the weather turns cold. This miracle oil takes care of them so fast.”

Jody Says:

“I was given a product line to try, I used it for three days and broke out like crazy. I went back to Wake Up & Glow and Wake Up & Cleans and my skin was back to clear in two days.

Tania Says:

“I love it. My skin feels so nice and soft. I have been using it everyday as a cleanser and as an overnight mask twice a week and NO MORE DRY SKIN. This balm and my glow oil is all I need.”

Karlynn Says:

"I am using your oils on my hair and skin - I am in love - my husband took one look at me this morning and said you look amazing - only a couple weeks in!"

Shelly Says:

Hi... i have been using Wake up & Glow for sometime now. I love it. I do not want to use anything else on my skin. It has healed a rash that the cream my doctor prescribed couldn't heal. Within a week after using the Wake Up & Glow on the rash. It was gone and hasn't come back.
Just recently while visiting my parents. My bf was smiling at me. He said later that my skin was beautiful and that I had a glow. What better testimonial of what Wake Up & Glow products can do for your skin.
Thank You. Thank You. Thank you!!

Susan Says:

Oh Tamara I love it!! My skin feels so great, so shiny too! I look forward to using it. I’ve seen a huge improvement in my skin since using pretty much all the products! I’m still loving the oil!

Julia Says:

Ahh, I absolutely love setting my makeup with your new Wake Up & Hydra-Dew! I love to take it to the gym with me too. I apply the glow, then some make up (sorry I need it) then spritz my face, hair and body!!

Kyla Says:

Okay Tamara- no joke!!! I knew I loved your product but keep finding more reasons why.. My son had an allergic reaction to a lotion this week and his torso, arms and face were covered in a rash. So I have been using the Wake Up & Hydra Dew on it. It went from not progress of disappearing without using it to almost healed within a day, and took the itch away!

Lachelle Says:

Girl… I’m in love with your product. Obsessed. It’s the first thing I used in the morning and night. I can already see a difference on my face from having rosacea and fine lines. I’m pretty much not having to wear any makeup, and feel refreshed when I used it. Thank you!

DK Says:

“I had delayed the switch to natural deodorant as i was worried about the ~smells~ my armpits would produce. But when I started to hear about possible links between breast cancer and antiperspirants, I finally felt brave enough to take the leap to natural, aluminum-free deodorant. I was a fan of Tamara’s natural deodorant Sister’s Soul and was devastated when I couldn’t buy it anymore. I have to say I was so happy when Wake Up & Glow came out with Refresh! With just a handful of  organic and all-natural ingredients that you can pronounce, this deodorant is sure to keep you dry and smelling fresh. I love the smell and even during my toughest sweatiest workouts, I always smell great!:

Lori Says:

“My client is loving the sample of the oil I gave her to try. She had a spot on her hand that was treated by a Dermatologist and then reoccurred. The oil ( and the fact that she is not shaking hands) is helping tremendously. “


Gemma Says:

“I wanted to write and tell you how much your products have saved my skin as well as my sanity the last week or so while social distancing and being home a lot. I use your Wake Up & Glow oil every am and pm. The smell of it instantly calms me down, I am so addicted. I apply it then do a 10 min meditation. I feel so calm and at peace as soon as I apply it. Your Beauty Body Oil is not just a skin saver ( good bye creams) but I add it to my daily baths while lighting a candle and reading. I feel like I am literally in a spaaaa! I have 2 bottles of your Wake Up & hydra- Dew in the house so I can refresh my face and or skin anytime I am feeling like a need a little pick me up! I do NOT want a discount code for this testimonial. MY only wish is for you to please never stop making your products! “

Denise Says:

“Your products have changed my life. I ran out and kept forgetting to pick them up from you. My skin went south it’s incredible what your products are capable of. I started because I believe supporting small local businesses when I can. Then I received my first order which was wake up & glow oil feel in love with the smell. I’ve always used oils for my face but this was different my skin tone began to even out and faded many of my sun kissed spots. 

Since then I’ve used it for cuts bites and even skin tags. 

This made me a glow believer and since then have incorporated many of your products. 

Keep up the amazing job!! Carpe Diem “

Dallia says:

There is no turning back now. Thank you for the ultimate hydration with both the glow and the anti-aging body oil!"

Leigh Says:

" I am loving the body oil and lip balms along with the Wake Up & Glow ( of course)

I don't need to use anything else. Please don't stop :)"

Heather Says:

I have been using your products for about a month now and I am really impressed. I love how my skin has responded. The aromatherapy is amazing. So Happy !

Dianna Says:

" Going into winter with Wake UP & Glow and Wake UP & Hydra-Dew. No more dry patches on my skin and it adds that extra bit of glow to my bronzer. Love it. My skin feels so clean and fresh."

Shelley Says:

“Hi... I have been using this amazing product for about 3 months. I have been complimented on how nice my skin is and the glow that I have. And I positively know its from "Wake up and Glow".
In Shoppers I pass by all the cremes and lotions I spent hundreds of dollars for and I keep walking by.
I have found my forever product.
I had a rash on my leg. Dr said it was a form of eczema. It was red. It was itchy. It was a small area but soon spread. The prescribed medicated cream only gave temporary relief. The organic plant based creme...no help either. So I put some of the wake up and glow on the affected area. Within a week the redness was gone. About 95% of the itch was gone. Now? Today? The rash is gone. The itch is just dry skin now. I am totally amazed. And I'm happy. I will 59 in December.”

Shelly Also Says this:

“Hi... I have been using the Wake up & Glow oil for about a month.

I love this amazing product. My skin has never looked so calm and soft and dewy. Before I started using this beautiful potion, my face would get red. Just for nothing. It would get red. I was getting worried about that. But I truly believe that the Wake up & Glow has calmed by skin down. I have a nice soft rosy glow. I do not get that angry red anymore. I will be 60 next year and I love my skin and what your product has done for me. I also use it in my hair where it has been thinning out. I swear there is growth there.,...the thinning isn't as extreme, it is not so noticeable. I was always pinning my hair over that spot to cover it up. I will only use your beautiful product now. Thank you so very much!”

Lucy Says:

“Thank you for all your products. I'm 44 yrs old and get weekly compliments on my skin since using your line. I'm glowing all day long thanks to Wake Up & Glow! Your Wake Up & Super C + extracts have been a serious game changer. Wow! My pores are small and my face is Tighter. I'm so hooked and I tell all my friends about your products."

Linda Says:

"Ok so I am 70!! Seeing signs of aging !! But no help so far except my wake up and glow!! That I can't be without!! My skin looks plump and smooth ! No fine lines !! 🥰 love love my oil!!!"

Donna Says:

"I got this oil after Tamara told me about it assisting with hair growth

I had some hair loss after being on a medication.

I started to use the oil twice a week and rubbed it into my scalp, threw my hair up into a bun and left it in overnight!

It has improved my hair texture, it looks much healthier and I am seeing the growth!

As an added bonus It also makes my bedroom room smell great!"

Bonnie Says:

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to use Wake Up & Super C before launching. I love it! I'm 55 yrs old and have been using your amazing all in one oil ( Wake up & Glow) for 1 year now. Can't live without it. By adding the vit c powder I found my skin to be even more bright as well as my hyperpigmentation is fading. The 2 products together are easy to use and  have saved my skin!!!

Meagan Says:

"So I just had to let you know about what I tried with the wake up & hydra -dew yesterday... we took the kids to Calaway park and in the rush of getting everything ready I totally forgot to put on sunscreen until after at the park when I did apply it was too late and was of course burnt. When we got home I remembered that the wake up -and hydra-dew had aloe in it so I thought I would try that to see if it would help with the sting of the burn. Immediately when I put it on there was instant relief and when I woke up this morning almost all the redness was gone & with it being a hydration product my skin is so soft and there will be no peeling at all hopefully I won't forget the sunscreen again this summer but as you know being a busy mom things can get forgotten and if I do I will definitely use that again for sunburns "

Meagan Says:

“I just used it & I already LOVE it but I knew I would as all of the products are amazing. I will only put your products on my face. I can’t even tell you what it’s done for me. I’m nearing 40 and the compliments I keep getting about my skin & that I just keep looking younger. It’s really what all women want to hear as we get older."

Tahira Says:

“Initially, I was nervous to use it as my skin doesn't react well to very many products, especially containing vitamin c. But I was pleasantly surprised! I feel like my skin is brighter. I went a day without it and I could definitely tell the difference.”

Gina Says:

"Shocked at how quickly my hair is growing using @_wakeupandglow"

Kristin Says:

“In February I stopped using Wake Up and Glow and oh my goodness do I regret it. My skin has been feeling alien to me. Yesterday I used so much and already my face feels renewed. Just reordered!

Just a note to say thanks for your marketing...following you helped me remember what I need and how I need to feel. Can’t wait to try the new mag spray (sold out now, no worries).”

Lisa Says:

“I will admit, I’ve tried many face products, Wake Up & Glow has blown me away! I came across this amazing product on Instagram and thought the price was reasonable so I gave it a try, and haven’t regretted it for a minute! I find the toner and the oil work so well that I seldom use my other products. My face looks cleaner, brighter, less red, and less dry but not oily! I thank you for sharing this with the rest of us, and if any of you are on the fence about buying it, please give it a try, I don’t think you will regret it!”

Mikayla Says:

“I am obsessed with the toner and oil! My face has actually been moisturized with this Calgary winter! It’s amazing, not greasy at all!”

Susan Says:

“I’m in love with it all, my skin is glowing & feels amazing! I look forward to putting it on every morning & night #wakeupnomakeup

Shelly Says:

“The calvary has arrived! I was almost out of magic juice! Seriously @_wakeupandglow has soothed my parched skin and kept my eczema in check all winter! Plus, my skin is positively glowing!”

Nat Says:

“I am in luvvvv! After one use! Thank you soo much.”

Melody Says:

“Wake up & Glow is absolute magic! It smells delightful and has changed my skin game forever!”

Tessa Says:

“I have been following your page for a year now. I finally purchased because of your promo. I bought the Christmas bundle #4. I picked them up one hour after buying and used them all. I can not believe I waited this long! They are worth every penny even without the discounts! The smell of them all is out of this world and the way my skin feels today is just amazing. Thank You!

Terry Says:

“My Hubby bought me a 3ml of Wake Up & Glow for Christmas and I am hooked. What a difference after using it only 3 times! My skin feels so soft and glowy. I saw your boxing day sale and instantly ordered your 1oz oil and Wake Up & Tone. Super excited to get the free mask! Ahh Can’t wait. Thank you Wake Up & Glow!”

Katie Says:

“After using Wake Up & Glow for a solid week I noticed my skin tone has event, I no longer have dry patches, and my skin looks ‘alive’ with no makeup! This product is wicked!”

DNA Says:

“Thank you so much! I’ve been using Wake Up & Glow for about a week now and have noticed a significant difference in how my skin feels. It was so tight and dry before and it feels and looks so hydrated and soft now. We are jazzed to be carrying your product and can’t wait to share it with our customers”

Kristen Says:

“Thank you for creating such a lovely product. I am now not wearing makeup. Even with a bit of rosacea I feel comfortable and beautiful and not caked in anything.”

Carolyn Says:

“I’ve been using the Wake Up & Glow oil for a while now. I love it so much! Today I received the Toner and the Mask in the mail. I need to tell you they are incredible! I just used the mask and I cannot get over how soft my skin looks and feels. Thank you for your amazing products and how for shipping them so quickly.”

Den Says:

“I have to share. We were in the maritimes for holidays and my youngest daughter had a skin breakout from the humidity. I have her my Wake Up & Glow oil to use instead of her regular regime and her skin cleared up instantly. Unbelievable, that oil is a miracle!”

Carla Says:

“I’m loving my products!! My skin actually feels ‘awake’ when I use the Oil and Gold roller”

Jenna Says:

“Your oil feels so nice in the morning- between the smell and the way it makes my skin feel. So awesome.”

Amanda Says:

“Amazing, amazing product. I noticed a change after using Wake Up & Glow 3 times! Even my 12 year old son commented I looked fresh!”

Jim Says:

“Your oil has been a lifesaver for the skin underneath of my beard that gets so dry and flakey”

Gina Says:

"Seriously the oil is the best thing that I've ever had on my skin. It looks amazing, I can't believe how smooth it is and some minor acne scarring I had is all but gone!"

A Nice Person Said:

"Thank you for saving my skin. Wake Up & Glow is the best thing I have ever put on my skin. I'm Glowing all day and look 10 Years younger"

Tori Says:

"I used the oil last night! OMG I love it, My acne is hardly red when I woke up, and my skin is so soft!"

Leny Says:

"As a retailer of Wake Up & Glow, I have to say it has been one of my top products! As an Aesthetician I have used icon my manicures as cuticle oil, and due to the anti-aging, brightening and hydrating properties, it is a must for a facial and home care"

Sam Says:

"Just received my first bottle and could not be more in love. I want it as a perfume, hand cream, room spray, car freshener, you name it... best smelling stuff ever."

Tanis Says:

"I spent my summer by a lake and used wakeupandglow’s oil everyday. My skin was glowing and blemish free. I decided to try and skin care line in Sept and completely broke out. So I went back to the oil and my skin went back to normal"

A Nice Person Said:

"As soon as I put this miracle oil on I noticed how much brighter my skin looks. I’m super oily but my skin never gets oily using this product. My skin texture has improved so much since using wakeup and glow. I love prickly pear! Feels like silk!"

A Nice Person Said:

"My hair dresser asked me what I have been using cause this is the first time in 2 years she noticed my hair growth! I started using wakeup and glow for dry scalp and for eczema on my neck but will definitely take the longer hair too. I have used other more expensive products for hair growth and I was not that happy so $80 for an all in one is perfect!"

A Nice Person Said:

"I’m terrible at following a skincare regimen. And when I called Tamara regarding Rodan and Fields she had me come in for a facial 30 min facial. She did a peel and used her oil on me at the end. I loved the way my skin felt and looked. I was glowing for 3 days. I refused to put anything on my face. Now I wake up and use water then the wakeup and glow oil along with mineral sunscreen ( which I also purchased from Tamara) and I’m out the door. I travel a lot so I love the fact that this and sunscreen are the only products I need to bring with me."

A Nice Person Said:

"I bought this oil for my hair to control the frizz and static. I thought $80 seemed a bit high but a friend told me about wakeup&glow. I started using it on my nails too. I am obsessed. Not only is my hair unders control now but my nails are they stronger then ever but they are growing faster then they ever too. I’m so thrilled,"

Katharina Says:

"I absolutely love the oil and I don't use anything else anymore.  No breakouts anymore.  Just had a cold and I usually get a horrible red nose, and that did not happen. So hooked." :)

Tania Says:

"I AM LOVING my oil in this cold dry weather!!  Using it on my hair, nails and face, love it!  Thank you!" 

A Nice Person Said:

"Hi Tamara.  Thx so much for the facial yesterday.  My skin felt so amazing all day.  I went to a party and only put on lipstick.  My best friend even noticed and said I was glowing! I will definitely come see you next month."

Michelle Says:

"My turn to share this post, don’t mean to overload your news feed, but this oil is amazing! I bought it to help with dark under eye circles, and thought I would try it out on my “aging too fast” hands. I have no words, check out the pictures in my comments! Tamara, I can’t thank you enough....just don’t sell out too fast, I am going to need more!! Sask friends and family...I am coming home Feb 15....just sayin...."

Linda Says:

"I love the Wake Up & Glow oil on my skin! My skin texture is wonderful and smooth.  My skin looks so pretty I don't even have to use any make up on it at all. Other than the Rodan and Fields mineral powder. And I am 68 yrs old!"

A Nice Person Said:

"I don't get enough sleep with working late into the night. I often wake up at 5:30 am. I was my face first thing in the morning with a cleanser then apply Wake Up & Glow and the results are almost a miracle. I have an instant glow!"

Ella Says:

"I am so happy to have Wake Up & Glow in my life. Summer is so busy, and with late wine drinking evenings in out yard, your oil saves me every morning as I'm rushing to work!"

Melody Says:

“Gah I am in LOVE. Smells like a wish wrapped in a dream and my skin feels amazing. Thank you!”