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Exfoliation in Summer vs. Winter

Do you keep your same skincare routine in the winter as you use in the summer? If so, this blog will be a great read for you on why you should be switching up some aspects of your skincare in the winter from the summer! Before scrolling down to see the answer, do you think you should be exfoliating more in the summertime or the winter?


If you said you should be exfoliating more in the winter, you are correct! In the winter our skin needs to be exfoliated 2-3 times a week depending on your sensitivity. However, in the summer when our skin is being exposed to the sun much more regularly, removing the top layer of dead skin can be counterproductive. If you continue exfoliating 3 times a week your skin will become much more sensitive to sun damage, therefore, stepping back to 1-2 times per week would be plenty. The Clarifying Glycolic Scrub is a great gentle exfoliator that helps lift and loosen dead skin with lots of anti-aging properties! 

Wake Up and Glow  with  Wake Up and Tone

Wake Up and Glow with Wake Up and Tone

We recommend that you are using Wake Up and Tone as well as Wake Up and Glow daily in both winter and summer months, in the winter if you are in a very dry climate such a Calgary, you may even want to be using the oil once in the morning as well as at night before bed time!


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