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Sunflower Oil Goodness!!

Sunflower oil has so many benefits to it, the list really is endless. From reducing redness, improved hydration to evening out skin tone and skin texture. This is why it is one of our main ingredients in our Wake Up & Glow-Prickly Pear Oil

 This past we were lucky enough to be able to grab some beautiful sunflowers from Amborella Floral, an amazing Calgary flower boutique, and  work with the very talented Jenna Brownlee!

This Dress is a favourite, it is from a small boutique in Mexico

This Dress is a favourite, it is from a small boutique in Mexico

Sunflower oil can help stimulate natural hair growth, as well as prevent breakage from dry and brittle hair. If you suffer from either of these issues, sunflower oil can be extremely beneficial taken orally through your diet, or applied topically! 

If your hair is already growing like a weed, and you don't think you need to use sunflower oil, I can guarantee you will be blow away by its other benefits for your nails, skin, and lips!


If you are suffering from acne, dry skin, brittle nails, premature aging, frizzy hair, or skin damage, increasing your use of sunflower oil is going to drastically improve all of these issues, not only that, it is also extremely beneficial for many health and body issues such as arthritis and nervous system issues!


Since we LOVE sunflower oil and all of its benefits so much, we decided to create a limited edition Sunflower Lip Serum! This lip serum includes:

Sunflower- locks in the moisture while protecting at the same time and prevents lines around the lips

Avocado - helps chapped and dehydrated lips

Lavender and clary sage-  calming and soothing

Peppermint- plumping for that perfect pout

Geranium- locks in moisture

Grapefruit-uplifting citrus scent

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