Get Ready To Fall In Love With Tea Tree!

Tea tree is our favourite essential oil, we use it for just about everything, and we can guarantee you that it is running in the diffuser as you’re reading this. So why do we love this magical oil so much? Well there are so many benefits, but here are the few that really blow us away!

  1. It diffuses the air of allergens and other contaminants (when used in a diffuser)

  2. Boost immune system (especially important this time of year)

  3. Helps to reduce acne scarring (applied topically)

  4. Helps to reduce dandruff

  5. Fights off infections (when used in a diffuser)

  6. Helps heal cuts and bruises

We can’t forget that it also smells amazing, and a couple drops added to a cleaning solution will leave your house smelling terrific!

Tea Tree the Teacup Persian!

Tea Tree the Teacup Persian!

Tea tree oil is such a potent and effective oil that we want all of our customers to be able to experience it’s benefits! Thats why we are offering a special tonight and tomorrow- with the purchase of a Wake Up & Glow Oil, you will receive a special Tea tree oil blend for free! This offer is for everyone, not just our VIP’s, however, if you don’t want to miss out on all of our other specials exclusively for VIP’s make sure to sign up at the bottom of the blog!

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