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Glycolic Acid - The Holy Grail


Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) should be in your skin care routine. From clogged pores to recurring acne, pigmentation, and fine lines and wrinkles – they can handle most skin issues with ease. 


Shedding and regeneration of cells is a continuous cycle. As we age, this process slows down. As a result, dead skin cells accumulate on your skin. Your complexion appears duller, fine lines and wrinkles appear more prominent. AHA’s help your skin in its natural process of shedding dead skin cells.

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Our favorite AHA is Glycolic Acid,  it is the end-all-to-be -all solution for a brighter, clearer, more radiant skin. It is a water-soluble (AHA) that is derived from sugar cane.


Glycolic acid's molecules are the smallest and lightest of all AHA’s, so it is able to penetrate the skin easily.  Glycolic Acid works by loosening and dissolving the glue that is holding these cells onto the top layer of the skin, which allows the dead cells to shed more easily. The molecules are so small, it can get penetrate deeper into your skin, where it does some serious work. This makes it most effective for treating fine lines, acne, blackheads, dullness, oiliness and uneven texture.

Skin will never feel dry following a Glycolic Acid based treatment as it has ability to draw moisture to the skin. This means more hydrated skin!



Anyone with perpetual blackheads will benefit, as glycolic acid removes the stuff that creates blackheads—surface gunk.

Glycolic Acid is a key ingredient in many chemical peels. At home peels that contain glycolic acid are used to treat scarring, skin discoloration, and signs of aging (good bye fine lines and wrinkles). If you suffer from dull, pigmented or aging skin, look to invest in an at-home peel product infused with glycolic acid. Using an at home peel helps the exfoliation of dead skin cells revealing smoother, brighter, younger looking skin.

Glycolic is an acid the encourages exfoliation, which means irritation can sometimes occur.  Although glycolic acid comes with great skin boosting benefits, take heed if you have very sensitive skin, you may find it too irritating.

In our opinion – Glycolic Acid can do no wrong when it comes to providing exceptional results for ageing, dull, pigmented, wrinkle prone and scarred skin.


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