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Gua Sha Facial Stones ... Botox without the injections.


Have you heard about Gua Sha facial stones — they are the proclaimed Botox of Eastern Medicine.

Using this pretty facial tool, is one of our favorite forms of self-care as of late.

Gua means scrape and sha means sand. Don’t let the name scare you these pretty stones have so many benefits!

The goal of the using the stones is to enhance blood flow to the skin. You use the stones to stroke the surface of the skin with a facial oil. The gua sha stones helps stimulate blood flow help in problem areas to help generate metabolic cell repair and healing. This mini facial massage encourages collagen production while sculpting and toning the face shape, allowing inflammation to drain and muscles to become free of tension —just like botox. It also helps the skin return to its most radiant state as circulation is increased. The stones and massage sends nutrients to facial areas that may have been starved because of blockage delivering a firmer, smoother, and less wrinkled complexion.

The results are cumulative. Just like exercise you can’t go to the gym once and get a sports illustrated body, but if you’re really going regularly, you’re going to notice a difference. Incorporating these stones into your skin care routine just twice a week will reap you the benefits.

You can make phenomenal changes to your own skin while reaping the benfefits of self care! You can give yourself a facial at home whenever you want without additives, without chemicals, and without having to constantly repurchase an expensive peel or mask. Better for you and for the enviroment.

This treatment is not for every skin type! Process with caution if you’re acne-prone, have an active breakout, or are dealing with rosacea— the pressure from gua sha could further aggravate any problems.

Watch this great instructional video on how to use the Guang Sha Facial Stones

Here is a great reference point on what side and which direction you need to use your Guang Sha Facial Stone.

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