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Restoring Youth - Have you heard about the benefits of DMAE?

At Wake Up & Glow, we are always researching new ingredients that help fight the battle against aging and complement and work in conjunction with our amazing best seller Wake Up & Glow Oil.

Since our face (and most importantly, our skin) is the first thing people often see, it pays for us to treat it well. When our skin looks bright, radiant and gorgeous, our true beauty can shine through.

DMAE is new on the scene offering anti-aging benefits by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, dark under-eye circles, inflammation, and sagging neck and decolletage skin.


DMAE is a short for dimethylaminoethanol, a naturally occurring substance that facilitates dermal layer hydration, which is significant enough to plump the skin, and a proven thickening of the skins dermal layer resulting in collagen fiber thickness and strength, you will see immediate results with firmer, toned skin, with fewer wrinkles.

DMAE is used to repair skin damage and prevent further damage in the future. It is a powerful anti-oxidant that aids in firming and texturing the face, decolletage and neck.

This non-irritating ingredient makes it the ideal choice for anyone with sensitive or delicate skin, or for sensitive thin skin on the neck, eyes or decolletage. It not only protects the skin cells, but also rejuvenates the skin, while firming and texturing.

DMAE provides great help in tightening your skin and reducing sagging, which gives you younger looking skin. It can be used effectively on women of all ages as part of their regular skin care routine.


We all know that there is no topical treatment that can mimic the dramatic results of plastic surgery. But that’s OK – we just want to help you find the best skincare ingredients to help you look fresher and more youthful. DMAE helps to firm and tighten skin, this “facelift in a jar” ingredient is certainly safer than surgical intervention, or Botox injections, If you are looking to improve skin elasticity or improve sagging loose skin, there is no topical skin ingredient that is proven to improve sagging other than DMAE.

Skin Firming Booster is now avaiable to purchase. This new product will help you combat the signs of aging. Just a 10 second skin firming treatment containg DMAE and other active skin tightening ingredients. It is the perfect addition to your am and/or pm Wake Up & Glow Skin Care Routine.



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