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Why Vitamin C Is For More Than Just A Cold!

Vitamin C is absolutely vital for your skin- it plays a role in collagen synthesis and can also prevent and treat UV damage. You can get Vitamin C both topically and through your diet, both are great, but for more intense and immediate results, topically will be best for your skin. Our newest product Hydra-Boost Oil is bursting at the seams with  Vitamin C! The dewy oil will brighten and restore your natural radiance!


Defends against free radicals
Vitamin C is an antioxidant, it can donate electrons in order to neutralize free radicals created in skin after oxidative stress. Oxidative stress = sun damage. So while vitamin C can't protect skin like an SPF can, it can minimize the damage you can't see.

Boosts collagen production
Vitamin C is one of the factors in stabilizing and creating collagen molecules, meaning that it's one of the most reliable anti-aging ingredients on the market. Some research also shows that vitamin C can also increase the quality of the collagen created in the body.

Reduces brown spots
Because vitamin C can aid in skin's ability to heal itself, it should be your go-to when looking to reduce red and brown spots. Add to that its anti-inflammatory properties (of interest if you're struggling with acne or rosacea), and even-toned skin is in your very near future. You already knew you were preventing damage with it; but now you're also fixing it post facto.

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