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Benefits of Pink Clay

Pink Clay is an amazing product that is gentle, as well as softening, all while giving your pores a terrific cleanse. Pink clay, as apposed to some other clays that are in masks, is especially great for sensitive skin, and while it still de-gunks your pores, it does so it a much more gentle way than some other clays on the market. Even though this clay is especially beneficial for sensitive skin, it can be used on any skin type and will give your skin a boost of essential minerals it needs while replenishing skin with the nourishment it needs to function well and retain moisture.

For the month of May we are offering a special Mother’s day facial which includes a pink clay mask!

Book soon, as spots are limited, and this facial is only available during the month of May! Don’t forget, when you book a facial, you are able to shop our work space too!

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