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Jojoba Oil And Why We Love It!

Jojoba Oil (pronounced ho-ho-ba) is the liquid that is produced from the Jojoba Plant which is native to Southern Arizona, Southern California, and Northwest Mexico. Jojoba, when applied to the skin, is an emollient, which soothes skin and unclogs hair follicles, it is also very effective for use on psoriasis, acne, and sunburns. Pa

Jojoba Plant

Jojoba Plant

Jojoba oil is not an expensive oil, yet it is very effective in achieving a beautiful, dewy look for skin of any age, and any type! This beautifully nutty oil is the #1 ingredient in both of our new products, (Hydra- Dew) which is a dewy, hydrating spray for your face, body, and hair. Our 2nd product will launch soon and it is an everyday dewy beauty oil. Using jojoba as the #1 ingredient allows us to offer an effective oil, at a lower price point!

Here are 22 benefits of Jojoba oil:

  1. Moisturizes Skin

  2. Treats Skin Disorders

  3. Balances Oil Production Of The Skin

  4. Reduces Wrinkles And Signs Of Aging

  5. Effective In Treating Stubborn Acne

  6. Reduces Skin Inflammation

  7. Works As A Good Cleanser

  8. Can Be Used As A Body Oil

  9. Heals Cracked Heels

  10. Keeps Your Nails Healthy

  11. Removes Sun Tan

  12. Prevents Razor Burns

  13. Makes Your Lips Soft

  14. Reduces Under-Eye Dark Circles

  15. Reduces Pregnancy Stretch Marks

  16. Cleanses Scalp

  17. Adds Shine To Your Hair

  18. Helps In Hair Growth

  19. Conditions Hair

  20. Excellent For Dry Scalp

  21. Treats Oily Scalp

  22. Helps In Maintaining Hair Color

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