Wake Up & Glow! Our Original and Number One

Wake Up & Glow! Our Original and Number One

Our company which has grown to 7 products plus a jewelry line (just because we love jewelry) was once just one product- Wake Up & Glow.

The One and Only Original

I am still so passionate about our Wake Up & Glow-Prickly Pear Oil, and without a doubt, it is the backbone of the company.

Wake Up & Glow provides natural forms of Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol, as well as ALL the vitamins that your skin needs to maintain it’s healthy glow, such as Vitamins A, E, C & K; there are 14 active oils in total, all of which were thoughtfully curated to help aging skin look its absolute best!

The One And Only  Wake Up & Glow !

The One And Only Wake Up & Glow-Prickly Pear Oil!

Wake Up & Glow Helps

Aging Skin

Aging gracefully is something we all strive for, I am the founder of the company and just turned 42 years old. The changes I have noticed in my skin as the years go by are:

  • Areas of dryness - I am mostly oily but the Wake Up & Glow does NOT make my skin oilier ( helps balance it )

  • More fine lines

  • The appearance of sunspots

  • Loss of elasticity

  • Differences in texture

I don’t expect to look 22 (the same age as my daughter! So crazy), However, with proper skincare we can definitely combat some of the common problems that skin faces as we age. Also, It does not have to break the bank or be too complicated! ( who has time for that! ) I mostly wake up, cleanse, apply Wake Up & Tone/Glow then I am out the door feeling hydrated, balanced and ready to face the day. Literally takes me one minute!

Aging Hands, Dryness, Eczema

Feeling dry, especially on my hands is honestly my biggest pet peeve, I always make sure to massage excess oil right into my hands and nails so they can soak in all the good stuff too. After all, I want both my face and hands to be smooth and supple!.

I then apply it to the back of my neck because I have a small patch of eczema there and our Wake UP & Glow oil is the ONLY product that helps. Treating and healing eczema is also feedback I get from many of our customers!

Morning and Night

I always use a dropper full both in the morning and at night - partly because I am addicted to the smell, and also so I can let all of the vitamins and minerals my skin is craving seep right in! After massaging it into my face, and using the rose gold bar, I rub the rest of the oil into my hands, and even my hair if it has been feeling dry and brittle (read our blog on the benefits of Wake Up & Glow for hair here)

Everyone is aging, and with a little help from Wake Up & Glow, we can look graceful while doing so!


All Kinds of Beauty Products for Everyone

For a long time, I was okay with launching one product; Wake Up & Glow. I spent years working on getting the right blend of oils for an all-in-one product that worked on all skin types and had powerful anti-aging effects. I am thankful to have reached a point with this wonderful product where it is being used and loved by women all over the world.

I love and regularly use beauty products and treatments of all kinds: sprays, masks, creams, bath salts, lip and eye treatments - the list goes on and on. Though all of these are not part of my daily regime, I feel we still should indulge in other beauty treatments from time to time.

Continue to Grow

This is why I launch new products and will continue to bring innovative products and treatments to my customers. My goal is to come out with the most perfect face scrub. At this time I use micro paste from R + F and I really do enjoy using it. So I will not come out with a scrub until it is just a s good or better!

Check out ALL our products HERE!

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