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Why You Should Use A Facial Oil In Summer

With the heat of summer come a myriad of undesirable skin situations: sweat triggers breakouts – if we stay inside to escape the heat and enjoy the air conditioning your skin is dull and dry - if you do enjoy the summer days outdoors excessive sun exposure can lead to dry and dehydrated skin.


After all, WHY would you load your skin with oil when you’re already trying to combat sweat and shine on a daily basis? Well, as it turns out summer is the perfect time for your skin to  reap huge benefits from using Wake Up & Glow Oil.

 Our Wake up & Glow oil penetrates the deeper levels of the dermis – making it so much more effective than a regular moisturizer or serum.

Our oils are full of antioxidants, these active ingredients reinforce your skin’s protective layer. This provides your skin protection from free radicals and pollution. Applying daily helps your skin create a natural protective barrier, which safeguards against trans epidermal moisture loss.

Even if you are experiencing heavier sebum production (aka oily skin) from the warmer weather, using Wake Up & Glow can actually reduce this problem. With the regular use of the oil, your skin recognizes that it is hydrated, so it won't produce as much oil to compensate

 The nourishment, hydration and protection pure plant oils that make up Wake Up and Glow are beneficial regardless of the season and HIGHLY anti-aging.

It’s best to apply Wake Up & Glow after cleansing, when the skin is still slightly damp to trap extra moisture in the skin. Because pure plant oils are so full of goodness, your skin will only need a small amount.

 Put 4 -6 drops of oil onto your palm and rub your hands together to warm the oil.

Repeatedly press the oil into your skin

 Finish by sweeping any remaining oil across the top of your hands (because the skin on your hands need a little love, too!)

Trust us, with a glow this good, you may get to skip out on the highlighter after all.

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