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Keeping your skin healthy is important — not just for looks, but because it’s your body’s largest organ! Even if we watch what we eat, it can be easy to ignore what chemicals we might be putting on our skin. Try to take the natural route when it comes to your skincare repertoire, and feed your skin just as well as you do your body!

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Wake Up & Glow skincare is made in Calgary and we offer local pick up to our #YYC Glow Beauties in the SE community of Sundance.

We will be hosting our Glow Days in Sundance. We will post our Glow Days/Times at the beginning of each month. Use the Sign-Up link below to book a Glow Days visit with us.  

Glow Days Services

  • Refill Your Wake Up & Glow products – and receive 15% OFF
  • Get a Peel + Glow Facial - $80 - Peels are professional grade. Done by Tamara Fleming (owner/creator/esthetician) Make sure you show up make-up free. This is a fast 15 min (sit and go) glow peel, followed by our #1 and original Wake Up & Glow Oil - Prickly Pear!

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Our Next Glow Days: BACK IN SEPTEMBER!, Schedule your visit using the link below.

 Sundance, Calgary Alberta


Sign Up and let us know which service/day/time to get your Glow on!

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Whenever you purchase a Wake Up & Glow product or come for an amazing peel, you're not exchanging cash for a box spit out onto a conveyor in a factory somewhere. You're investing in my philosophy and creativity. You're investing in your own skin's health. Come on in and see how our Products and Peels can help you in  the  relentless pursuit of glowing healthy skin. You deserve a little well-researched luxury in your life.

*Please note that this is NOT a store front. We bring products from our workspace and display them for a quick pop in an pick up. This is the same location provided when you order online and choose FREE local pickup.

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