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How to Use Essential Oils & Their Benefits for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

How to Use Essential Oils & Their Benefits for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

When it comes to seeking out total body wellness and relaxation, you can hardly take your first step into it without hearing about essential oils.


Essential oils are… well… essential to a rewarding and renewing connection between your mind, body, and spirit. Used in aromatherapy for centuries, these powerful and natural extracts are very often a large part of therapeutic or relaxation practices. When using proper essential oils, that is, oils that are pure and plant based, you may find that your wellness work is elevated. Of course, different plants and herbs are known for their own health benefits; so, by extracting an oil from these sources, we can enjoy those benefits in more concentrated forms.


Essential oils can be used in many ways, but in essence, they are either inhaled or applied – never ingested or applied directly to the skin. Because essential oils are very concentrated, it is important to always mix them with a carrier oil before using on the skin. Then, you can enjoy their benefits topically or even diffuse them into the air to be inhaled.


No matter which delivery method you choose, essential oils can have great effects on your mind, body, and spirit!




For many of us, our minds are kind of all over the place these days. So, adding the right essential oils into our routines can reduce that by helping us refocus and declutter our overwhelmed psyches. And, when it’s time to wind down, there are other oils that aid us in shutting our brains off and finding relaxation.

Peppermint: Great for mental focus, peppermint is often used as a concentration or energy booster. Perfect for long work days and clearing out mental clutter or fogginess.

Orange: A calming and energizing scent, mandarin often sparks happiness, creativity, and improved moods. Exactly what you need when inspiration isn’t striking.


Eucalyptus: Often used in cold remedies, eucalyptus can help soothe cold symptoms like congestion and excess mucus. So, be sure to keep it on hand for whenever you’re feeling under the weather.

Rosemary: A hair, skin, and nails superstar, rosemary oil can help repair the cells in your body that are responsible for growing strong and healthy hair. How could we say no to that??




Some of the best benefits of implementing essential oils into your routine are the spiritual ones. Natural oils can be used to deepen our spiritual connections and expand our energies, which may be just what you’re looking for!

Frankincense: Used in many religious and meditative practices, frankincense is thought to interact with our spiritual energy, remove blockages, and allow us to reach a higher consciousness, either spiritually or within our own minds.

Ylang Ylang: Also great for meditation, ylang ylang can be used to reach a deeper spiritual connection. Use it to calm the mind, slip easily into a relaxed state, and get closer to your divine or meditative goals.

Taking good care of our bodies means giving it what it needs, whether that be rest, whole foods, or… the right essential oils. Plants have long been used to treat ailments of the body, so its only natural that essential oils be used to help common physical issues.
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