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Keeping Your Skin Hydrated - The Key To Anti Aging


It’s a fact…dehydrated skin results in premature aging . When your skin lacks moisture it loses its elasticity and this results in more prominent fine lines and sagging skin. Did you know when your skin lacks moisture it can result in a decrease in the skin’s ability to heal itself. This means more wrinkles and fine lines. No matter what your age… who wants to look older!

The outward signs of aging  can be postponed and managed through adequate skin hydration. Maintaining skin’s hydration levels is so important to combat the environmental factors that can affect skin’s hydration levels that cause dehydrated skin. The body loses water and other essential nutrients and minerals everyday, which, if not compensated for, can result in skin dehydration which results in visible signs of aging. In Canada’s every changing climate, the fight against dehydrated skin is a constant battle against the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Proper hydration of the skin is responsible for skin smoothness, supple appearance and skin elasticity. When you have dehydrated skin, elasticity and suppleness are decreased, leading to visible fine lines and wrinkles.

If you are in the market for hydrated skin , Wake Up & Glow can be used day and night. With our product line , a little goes a long way. Here at Wake Up & Glow we like simple. Our natural ingredients keep you hydrated and help your skin to heal itself. You won't need 12 products for each area of concern. Our oil is a key tool which address multiple concerns. All you need to do is apply it.

Our product line up will help to increase the hydration of your skin. Dry and aging looking skin will be a thing of the past.

You have nothing to lose but dull, aging & irritated skin and toxic ingredients. !

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" Thank you Wake Up & Glow. I'm 52 and I use these three oils every morning and Wake Up & Glow oil in the evening and my skin has NEVER felt so good. I'm glowing and hydrated head to toe all day long. I even stopped wearing foundation!"

- June

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